The Sort of Hope Who Wasn’t Expecting This…

A  phone call you don’t want to get after a natural disaster ( or anytime, really for that matter) :

Me -Sees Caller ID and reluctantly answers phone

Me- *voice shaking* “Um, Hello”

Caller ( Alsace Cemetery) :  In deep man’s voice ~“We’re ready for you.

Me:  ….. {dumbfounded silence}


Me:  “Um, excuse me?

Caller: “Oops, I’m sorry, isn’t this the *****’s ?”

Me: ” Oh Thank Heavens you aren’t ready for me yet!”

So it turned out to only be a wrong number.

Today I’m going to celebrate that the Alsace Cemetery isn’t ready for me quite yet. Which is good because most people don’t get advance notice. 😉 There are only about 154 more cemeteries in our area. But they can wait too, I’m not ready for *them* yet, either.