365 Challenge- Day Feb #7 – My View

Day Feb #7 – My View



This is the view from my office window in my house.

These lights have been hanging in this tree since the day we bought our house.

12 years ago.

I have no reasonable explanation as to why we never took them down.

They don’t work. They haven’t since we moved in.

They have never actually been plugged into anything from what we could tell.

They just hang there.

Sometimes I don’t even “see them” any more.

My view differs from my husband’s.

I have always felt that they should come down.

He thinks that they aren’t hurting anything so why bother.

So , they continue to just hang there.

For 12 years.

Check back in 12 years, they’ll probably still be there.

My view.

Day Feb #7- My View.


365 Challenge- Day #26 Guest

Day #26- Guest.

Meet Lisai. Stunning and dark. Robust. Like a great cup of coffee, she is!

Stark contrast to my fair ginger, Natalia.

So when the snow started to fall, I simply had to get them out there together. Could not have been more pleased with the results. The camera loves Lisai! I just wish Lisai loved the camera as much as it loves her.


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The Sort of Hope Who Played on the Tracks


I finally got to do something nice for a young lady who is part of a family who has been so very nice to me over the years. Taught myself 2 new editing techniques, too!  ( … if only I could get paid to do nothing but take pictures and edit *sighs dreamily*) Cold weather is challenging for healthy people. Cold weather can be all but deadly for some people with RSD/CRPS. (our nervous systems don’t adjust well to temperature changes, so once we start to shiver, or get cold, it is sometimes near to impossible to get our body’s core temperature back again. ) But Teryn was tough, so I had to be too. She’s a seasoned competitive athlete-a real gamer. I figured if she could stand up on the top of a train in what she was wearing, I could be brave and all bundled up down below. ( and believe me, I *was* as bundled as movement would allow for.)

Beautiful girl and a fun day.

Some days it really is good to be me.

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The Sort of Hope Who Has A Snow Angel

“When it snows, you have two choices, shovel or make snow angels” ~ unknown.

look which we picked!


The Enough is Enough Sort of Hope

Last year at Halloween , it snowed. SNOW! Here .. in October. Prior to our October snow in 2011, I think it had only snowed here less than 5 times in recorded weather history.

As we speak we are sitting through Hurricane Sandy. Though I am unable to photograph Sandy while she is in progress, I was able to get some shots of our October snow while it was happening last year.

On the first day of that record breaking snow, we lost power. Primarily because of my condition and my inability to be in the cold, we set off for my mother in laws home just a few short miles away, as she has a generator to power her home when their electric ceases to run. The trip was not the smartest of ideas, as you will see. I was able to compile a complete photographic journey of our travel over the hill to her home. We were met with un-plowed slippery snow covered roads, downed trees and power lines making it impossible for us to pass. We met a few kind people on the way who were also stuck so my husband would get out and try to help them clear the debris. At one point we were just moments away from a giant tree branch that came cascading down right in front of our moving car. The journey was treacherous at best and we were more than thankful when we reached the warm shelter Mike’s mom had provided for us.

The following morning the snow had stopped and the sun came up. Life, it seemed, would continue as if nothing had ever happened. Our power would be restored later that day. Little did we know that many of our friends would remain without power for a week, some up to 14 days. We then, opened our home to people who needed shelter and showers and warm meals. That storm would remain quite a memory. One I hoped would not be repeated for a very long time.

I am praying we can get through this Halloween storm without losing power.  Two teens without entertainment is never a fun thing. Me without heat is no joke, either.

I hope to be able to head out after the rain and see what effects Mother Nature has left us with.  In the meantime, I will just watch the leaves swirl to the ground from my window in the comfort of my favorite chair.

They say that the third time is a charm. I can’t even imagine what Mother Nature intends to shock us with  next Halloween.