365 Challenge- Day #26 Guest

Day #26- Guest.

Meet Lisai. Stunning and dark. Robust. Like a great cup of coffee, she is!

Stark contrast to my fair ginger, Natalia.

So when the snow started to fall, I simply had to get them out there together. Could not have been more pleased with the results. The camera loves Lisai! I just wish Lisai loved the camera as much as it loves her.


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The Sort of Hope Who Played on the Tracks


I finally got to do something nice for a young lady who is part of a family who has been so very nice to me over the years. Taught myself 2 new editing techniques, too!  ( … if only I could get paid to do nothing but take pictures and edit *sighs dreamily*) Cold weather is challenging for healthy people. Cold weather can be all but deadly for some people with RSD/CRPS. (our nervous systems don’t adjust well to temperature changes, so once we start to shiver, or get cold, it is sometimes near to impossible to get our body’s core temperature back again. ) But Teryn was tough, so I had to be too. She’s a seasoned competitive athlete-a real gamer. I figured if she could stand up on the top of a train in what she was wearing, I could be brave and all bundled up down below. ( and believe me, I *was* as bundled as movement would allow for.)

Beautiful girl and a fun day.

Some days it really is good to be me.

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The Sort of Hope Who Has a Lovely Daughter

“Saying you don’t look good in a hat is like saying you don’t look good in shoes!” (author unknown)

The Colorful Sort of Hope

“Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
and rainbows have nothing to hide.” ~ The Rainbow Connection ~ Muppet Movie.

Who doesn’t love a Muppet?

I’ve had a mad-crazy inter-species crush on Kermit for as long as I can remember. A frog with a great sense of humor, who can sing, strum a banjo and be confident enough to not wear pants. That’s the guy for me.

I owe today to my beautiful daughter, Natalia who never lets *me* hide no matter how bad the going gets and who never fails to bring color into my life.

I will always treasure the laughter that we shared today.

{And to my friend who exists only in my computer, I hope you find the end of your rainbow someday too, it sounds ever so incredibly decadent. -Thank you for reminding me to look.}

“Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror or the painter?” ~ Pablo Picasso