The Sort of Hope Who Lived in 2012

Bye Bye 2012

My how times have changed. Mike and I are enjoying a fabulous stir fry that I’ve prepared at home, our very quiet home and now the children are the ones who are out, and we are the ones staying in,  owed in part to this cold I can’t seem to shake. But it’s no big deal, I never cared much for New Year’s Eve anyway. I feel like it’s rookie night. All the prices go up, and the people who never party go out. Not for me, thanks. Give me my pj’s and the quiet. I don’t need the noise and the crowds.

I’ll stay home and watch the recaps. Read about words we don’t want to make it to 2013.. like Yolo (eew) or fiscal cliff. I’ll lament the passing of my treasured light bulbs. I’ll thank the Myans for being wrong. I’ll say a little prayer for all of the innocent children of Sandy Hook and the other victims of terrible, senseless crimes this year ( like Mike’s young cousin Timmy, a murder victim back in Feb of 2012). I’ll continue to think about the people still rebuilding from Super Storm Sandy.

And I’ll praise women like Jennifer Livingston the news anchor who stood up to the bully who called her fat.  ( I blogged about that before here: read on for more..) I’ll be thankful that her words went viral in a matter of hours. I’ll be hopeful that perhaps just one girl will listen. Hopeful that perhaps just one self image of a fragile teen age girl will be saved. Hopeful that maybe 2013 will be the year we can knock social media bullying down a few pegs.


thank you Kevin Brett of Soul Imagery for allowing me to edit this.

And then, because a woman who has walked a mile in my shoes has finally convinced me to stop looking at all things I can’t do and instead celebrate the things I’ve done, I’ll look at what I’ve managed to be a part of in this past year.

2012.. my highlights.

I was somehow able to keep up with my tumble off champ, my All Berks/ All State Player, my Level 7 USA Gymnast who medaled many times, my HS cheerleader/2 time tumble off champ, another NHS member, My Summer Love- (Schuylkill Berks Legion League Berks Co Div Champs )~oh what a season~! , a 2 x Tourny Winning 18Y Berkshire Showcase Team, a permitted driver to a licensed driver. Natalia turned 14 Nick turned 16. Seems impossible. What am I forgetting?

On my birthday I said good bye to the family Jeepster. Jeepster had been a part of our family for nearly a decade. I have yet to replace it.

In 2012 I personally loved a few and lost a few – {my ball buddy ~ “you know what I mean?” },  flew to South Dakota for my first vacation in years, spent 7 whole days with the James Gang & saw my brother get married. Was able to once again participate in Cups of Compassion and feel what it really means to give of one’s self.

Sadly, I’m still learning that no matter what you think, no one or anything is ever truly as it seems and that people can still manage to surprise you even after 40.

I’m thankful for the chances I was given to share my talents this year. I’m so grateful for those who shared theirs with me.

This year I survived another 7 day inpatient coma and 5 outpatient treatments to help control and slow the progression of my 12 year battle with fully body/ internal RSD.

Oh and I started “”.

As far as this life I lead, well, I owe so much of it to you, my friends who helped to keep me in this game called life yet again.

I am grateful for my new audience and as always, treasure my old one.

13 is my lucky number. I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a great year.

Stick around, won’t you?


The Sort of Hope that “Says Watt?”

out of ideas

out of ideas

Remember.. effective 2013 we will stop selling the 75 watt light bulb as we know it.

2014 will see the end of all other traditional light bulbs as well.


How will we ever know when someone has an idea again? 


(~better grab your share lest you run out of ideas!)

The Rudolph Sort of Hope

ihaveacoldMy least favorite Christmas gift this year… a cold.

Can’t return it. Can’t exchange it. Can’t re-gift if. ( wouldn’t if I could.) Can’t seem to shake it, either.

When you have a chronic condition like I do, simple little things like the common cold are anything but simple. Plus, we RSD’ers seem to do everything on a grand scale.  With immune systems that are already functioning out of whack , fighting a common cold can really tax our bodies. Sometimes that taxing causes our disease to “flare up” = not so much fun.

Who knows, maybe they’ll let *me* join in some reindeer games !?

( if I’m up to it. )



The Sort of Hope Who Should

I should be shopping. I should be wrapping. I should be writing Thank You notes. I should be talking to my brother. I should be petting my dog. I should brush the cat. I should strip the beds. ( oh their embarrassment!) I should dust. I should be scrubbing the shower. I should phone a friend. I should take out the trash. I should sort the mail. I should be baking Christmas Cookies. I should be editing photos. I should be putting laundry away. I should be *doing* laundry. 

I should not be writing a blog. 

I should figure out why this is typing in blue….  stockingswerehungIf memory serves, my younger sister Rachel emailed that cartoon to me back before I even had a fb acct. ( now that’s a long time ago.) It  just never gets old for me. Must be the balls 😉

Though my most recent photo session with Kevin of Soul Imagery looks more New Year’s Eve than Christmas, I still felt like sharing it with my favorite Christmas cartoon. I get so excited when I see his name on my messenger list. That part feels a bit like Christmas. I love to see the results of our work together.  Just got 2 more photos back from the day we spent at Adrienne’s Inn at Center Park. Still hoping to get to shoot there again~hopefully while I still have these long locks!

Hope” But if you’re thinking

about my baby,

it don’t matter

if you’re

black or white    ~ Black or White, Michael Jackson


I should go to bed. 😉

Hopefucious Say:

~Before dropping box of dryer sheets behind dryer, be sure to count remaining sheets, lest husband make you spend over 20 grueling minutes attempting to contort self around/behind dryer in an effort to retrieve said box~ all for sake of 1 lonely sheet.


What’s in a name?


~ signed the boy up for SAT’s (the college board exams.) Boy has 2 different proper ID’s due to his “nickname” (pun intended). His social security and birth certificates both identify him as NICHOLAS.His school ID says NICK. All are considered acceptable forms of government identification for travel, id, etc. SAT people will not admit NICK with conflicting ID’s. Have spent the better part of one week trying to prove said child is, in fact, same child.

*Moral of story- Do not give your Nick a Nick-name.

While I sort this mess out, enjoy this “practice SAT question ” just for fun and be glad that YOUR name isn’t NICK ( or Nicholas, for that matter!)

If the graph of the function function f in the x times y-plane contains the points (0 comma negative 9)(1 comma negative 4), and (3 comma 0), which of the following CANNOT be true?

A.  click to choose answer A   The graph of function f has a maximum value.
B.  click to choose answer B   y less than or equal to 0 for all points (x comma y) on the graph of function f.
C.  click to choose answer C   The graph of function f is symmetric with respect to a line.
D.  click to choose answer D   The graph of function f is a line.
E.  click to choose answer E   The graph of function f is a parabola.

~ If I have had this much joy just in scheduling this test, I can’t even imagine the joy of taking this test.

Fortunately, my own SAT’s are but a distant memory for me.  Image

The Sort of Hope Who Wasn’t Expecting This…

A  phone call you don’t want to get after a natural disaster ( or anytime, really for that matter) :

Me -Sees Caller ID and reluctantly answers phone

Me- *voice shaking* “Um, Hello”

Caller ( Alsace Cemetery) :  In deep man’s voice ~“We’re ready for you.

Me:  ….. {dumbfounded silence}


Me:  “Um, excuse me?

Caller: “Oops, I’m sorry, isn’t this the *****’s ?”

Me: ” Oh Thank Heavens you aren’t ready for me yet!”

So it turned out to only be a wrong number.

Today I’m going to celebrate that the Alsace Cemetery isn’t ready for me quite yet. Which is good because most people don’t get advance notice. 😉 There are only about 154 more cemeteries in our area. But they can wait too, I’m not ready for *them* yet, either.

The Sort of Hope with Pet Peeves (1st installment)

Not Me is alive and well and living in my house.

Just in case you’ve been missing him (?her?) ( Does anyone know not me’s gender or does it vary by instance?)

A few months ago I shared on FB that I performed one of my famous “mini human experiments” on family. The water cooler in our refrigerator was empty and instead of filling it as was my normal behavior, I decided to leave it sit empty to see how long it would take someone else to step up. I figured it would take at least a day or two, as I knew that I was not the only person in our home who had the desire for crisp cool water on a regular basis. Our refrigerator is also the kind that you can get water right out of the door from, but it is not as cold as we like it, so we keep this handy cooler filled up and right inside the refrigerator because we are spoiled and like our water very cold. I left for Philadelphia for a  treatment at 5am on a Wed. and returned on a Friday at 2pm to find my experiment going strong. The empty cooler remained perched sadly on the shelf. One week later, the condition of the cooler was unchanged. When I finally broke down and announced this experiment to my family, you can imagine the accusations and the ‘not me’s’ that  flew rampantly. According to the humans in the experiment,  no one really ever took a drink from that cooler but me and no one even noticed it was empty. Yet surprisingly, when it was filled once it again, back to it’s chilly self sitting proudly, crisply back on the shelf “no one” had any trouble emptying it within a day.

I have performed many similar experiments over time. I don’t work much so I need to do these things to entertain myself.

The empty toilet paper roll slays me. ‘Not me’ used the last of it. When the new roll is placed in the bathroom this is the photo of what happens. OR as another mother friend of mine shared, the new roll simply goes on top of the old one. But never will the new one replace the old one in this house. Not me is lazy.

I also have a big pet peeve for when empty things remain in places. Empty shampoo bottles in the shower, empty boxes in cabinet drawers. But when I ask, “not me” must’ve been here because no one else knows anything about it.

Which brings me to my next pet peeve.

The communion wafer.

At what point is it OK to discard the soap? When I get into the shower and see a communion wafer sized soap waiting for me, I am angry. I am disappointed. I am sad. My whole shower experience is ruined. There will be no lather. No singing. And definitely no shaving for this gal. But when I question who was the last one in the shower, it was “not me” ( him again) or ask why no one replaced it no one knows anything about it. You would think I would be smart enough to look before I get in at this point, but I haven’t learned yet.

I keep hoping “not me” moved.

The Super Sort of Hope

Some days you have to call on your inner Superwoman and just send your inner goddess out for coffee or something. Especially if your inner goddess doesn’t do laundry, which obviously mine doesn’t. (nor does anyone else in this house, apparently!)


{YES, that’s really all laundry, some is actually already in the dryer!}

My go to song for when I need a reminder.

Does size really matter?

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito.” African Proverb

An old friend of mine posted this photo on FB today~

Of course, when I saw it, I immediately thought of a few other places that this disclaimer would be even funnier if found on.

Like our paychecks, for example.

YES, that *is* what I meant.  After all, I’m a lady. *.^

I’ll leave you to your imagination.