Hopefucious Say:

~Before dropping box of dryer sheets behind dryer, be sure to count remaining sheets, lest husband make you spend over 20 grueling minutes attempting to contort self around/behind dryer in an effort to retrieve said box~ all for sake of 1 lonely sheet.


What’s in a name?


~ signed the boy up for SAT’s (the college board exams.) Boy has 2 different proper ID’s due to his “nickname” (pun intended). His social security and birth certificates both identify him as NICHOLAS.His school ID says NICK. All are considered acceptable forms of government identification for travel, id, etc. SAT people will not admit NICK with conflicting ID’s. Have spent the better part of one week trying to prove said child is, in fact, same child.

*Moral of story- Do not give your Nick a Nick-name.

While I sort this mess out, enjoy this “practice SAT question ” just for fun and be glad that YOUR name isn’t NICK ( or Nicholas, for that matter!)

If the graph of the function function f in the x times y-plane contains the points (0 comma negative 9)(1 comma negative 4), and (3 comma 0), which of the following CANNOT be true?

A.  click to choose answer A   The graph of function f has a maximum value.
B.  click to choose answer B   y less than or equal to 0 for all points (x comma y) on the graph of function f.
C.  click to choose answer C   The graph of function f is symmetric with respect to a line.
D.  click to choose answer D   The graph of function f is a line.
E.  click to choose answer E   The graph of function f is a parabola.

~ If I have had this much joy just in scheduling this test, I can’t even imagine the joy of taking this test.

Fortunately, my own SAT’s are but a distant memory for me.  Image

The technologically frustrated sort of Hope

Apparently I need a lot of work on night time lighting. Fortunately for me it would appear as though between Nick’s fall baseball and Natalia’s cheering for soccer I am going to get my fair share of practice.

If only my technology were up to the task. I currently have to download my photos to an antiquated 2002 PC that wont support PS ,then I move the external hard drive to another PC located one floor away, edit them on half of working photoshop (thanks to a very generous friend who lent us that PC) which doesn’t get internet because *someone* threw the disk away for the wireless to work.. THEN I move everything over to my laptop and upload it.  Not A Problem.

Good thing I don’t do anything else all day but eat bon bons.

And now you know where my “musings of a frustrated modern day housewife” comes from. Kinda think  I have a lot of nerve referring to myself as modern day with a 2002 PC. and a 2004 laptop. (Oh and a husband who still thinks that WebTv was cutting edge technology.) *smh*