The Sort of Hope Who Doesn’t Understand

I have been volunteering for Kindergarten Registration for years.
Selfishly. Because for me one of the greatest joys in this world is enjoying the Kindergarteners’ complete and utter innocence and the laughter that the little children derive from such simple pleasures. Children find our world fascinating and because of that, I am fascinated by them, too.

When you are a child, the world is yours.

The road and the possibilities it offers are endless.

As it should be.

I will never understand.
I can’t turn on the television today.
I just can’t.innocence

The Sort of Hope Who Gets to do This

“Life may not be the party we hoped for , but we should all dance” ~ somebody at some time said it.

Welcome to their party.

Homecoming 2012.

I am the last person to post my homecoming pics so I decided I’d post a few of the outtakes instead of just all of the happy ‘smile for the camera’ shots.  Aren’t I lucky that they allow me into their world?

While we were in the backyard of one of Natalia’s friends, a neighbor of hers came out and asked if we would like to come inside and use his unique home for some photographic opportunities. His ‘home’  was what I can only describe as one of the most beautiful, cleverly decorated old factories in our quaint little town. Hardwood floors, mile high ceilings, incredible stained glass detail throughout. It resonated character and charm. I am only sad that I didn’t take the opportunity to photograph more of the home as well as the girls with some of his favorite toys. It definitely was a different way to shoot homecoming photos.

It is Tues as I post this and it’s taken me this long to recover from our weekend. I trust the teens have recouped quicker.

My favorite “getting dressed up for something with someone else ” song…

~ “you wear those shoes and I will wear those dress” ~

The Sort of Hope Who Detests Labels

*Please watch the video link at the bottom first.


Let’s talk about labels.

I’m not speaking of the annoying kind that they put in our clothes, although I am not a fan of those, either- they hurt! The labels I am speaking of are the even more painful kind.  The kind that mom used to tell us would never hurt us. But they do, don’t they?

” tall, short, fat, skinny, dumb, smart, rich, poor, ugly, pretty, disabled,  impatient, grumpy, gay, callous, niave, outspoken, pessimistic, pathetic, obnoxious, loud,  lazy, introverted, lustful, glum, incompetent (<–like those NFL replacement referees were called at the Seattle Seahawk game last Sunday).

Why do we insist upon labeling each other ? Calling each other names? Hurting each other? What great satisfaction do we get out of putting others down? Does it really make us feel better?

If you have never been a victim of someone else’s cruelty , count your blessings.

I was. I still am.

Therefore, I am trying to raise children who see people for who they are , and not what they are. And in doing that, I am constantly trying to make a better person of myself by paying more attention to the labels I place on others, as well. It’s not easy. Try paying attention to how many times you do it. I bet you do it and don’t even realize it. I couldn’t believe how many times I did it when I first started trying to pay attention to the amount of times a day I labeled someone.But like Jennifer says in the video, kids learn it from somewhere. I just don’t want mine to learn it from me. They can form their own opinions.

When I came across this video in the newsfeed on my FB,  I felt I had to share it.

I understand that being severly overweight comes at the expense of the person’s health. That is not what I am ‘celebrating’ here… I also believe that Jennifer does a fine job of acknowledging her issue.

However, it is not *our* job to make fun of  people who are different from us. It is not our job to make fun of people who have acne, or those who, through life’s circumstances  are less fortunate than us, or those who have different colored hair or freckles ( I personally love my freckles!) or those who are left-handed ( again, me) , or those who are just a little bit different from ‘the norm’. Who are we to determine what is really “right”. What if in determining what is “right” we are wrong, and now the joke is on us?  If we don’t end this cycle with our children, in this world of social media, when everyone is always looking at everyone else,  this constant looking at and judging is only going to get worse.

I miss the days when TV actually went off the air at 2am and then there was nothing but the national anthem followed by some static and then finally some silence.

Jennifer knows about labels, like me, I bet she’s been hearing them for quite a long time. I love her line ” Do not let your self worth be defined by bullies… the cruel words of one are nothing compared to the shouts of many… ”  ~ Jennifer Livingston 

Kudos Jennifer.

Be Well.


*special thanks to my friend Kevin Brett at Soul Imagery for allowing me to alter one of the photos he did of me.