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The Sort of Hope Who Needs A Change

“In terms of days and moments lived, you’ll never again be as young as you are right now, so spend this day, the youth of your future, in a way that deflects regret. Invest in yourself. Have some fun. Do something important. Love somebody extra. In one sense, you’re just a kid, but a kid with enough years on her to know that every day is priceless. (418)”

― Victoria Moran~ Younger by the Day 

Chronic conditions are tough. 12 years of this gig, well, it’s really starting to get old. Read something that upset me. Knowing the little innuendos about your disease are one thing. Seeing them in black and white are all together different. Read an article in a medical journal that my specialist wrote about my disease. Studies done and the findings. I participated in most, if not all of the studies. It felt surreal . Like I was reading about a sick person. A very sick person. A very sick person who couldn’t possibly be me. Those symptoms belonged to someone else, certainly not me. ( Though they almost all did, much to my dismay.)

Sometimes the fighting gets hard. I wish at times that instead of being the warrior, someone else could fight the war for me and I could just watch and cheer from the sidelines. But in the “Handicapped Hope Handbook”  it clearly states that I will never ever allow myself to go backward. I am constantly trying to find new ways to stay motivated for the battle, to move forward.

I am restless. I have decided it is time to shake things up a bit. Changing the easiest thing to change. Myself. Hoping it will be just enough to get me back in the fight. Something new. A fresh perspective.

“Complacency is devastating”~ or so a friend of mine used to tell me.

Photo credit to a man from my old photography group named Rick.

Perfect shot for what’s about to happen….


Oh Ballz

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If we are going to get to know each other , there is some thing you need to know. I’ve got a confes sion to make.. It’s balls. I am obsessed with them. I am not exactly sure when this obsession began.. but I’ve got it bad.

I’m not selfish in my lust. I’ve gotten my beautiful sisters and my niece and my daughter hooked too! I’ve even gotten quite a few friends in on my compulsion to ball. We’ve made it a quest for all things Ballz.

It’s become a game. To post the ballsiest pic you can find. But you can’t pose them. All balls must be photographed in their natural environment. They are more glorious that way.  Just like any good 40 something teenager , I still giggle every time I hear an umpire shout ” 2 balls”  or especially ” NO BALLS on the batter”. I just can’t help myself. I hope my inner teen never stops finding that funny. Balls are just fun.

And hey, it’s almost the busiest season for balls– so I invite you all to join me and grab your fav camera and BALLz Up!

all that glitters…

all that glitters...

This is my daughter, Natalia. She challenged me to do a “glitter” photo shoot. Didn’t think I was “good enough” to do one.
Love the way I proved her wrong. She’s so beautiful, kind of helped make the photo even more magical.