Whiskers on Kittens

Here are a few of *my favorite things* !  Well, favorite old cell phone photos, that is.

Today I got to get out and take a few new pictures of things. These, however, are NOT those shots. 🙂

These are simply a few of my favorite cell phone pictures that I found in my phone gallery. I have an Android HTC  6.0 (the 7th new / refurbished one so far this year, remember?)

Anyway, don’t ask me what sort of camera it has, because all I know is it works.


(There are no photos of whiskers on kittens, though. My apologizes to the feline frenzied.)


*LESS THAN 2 WEEKS TIL MY PHILLY FREEDOM! Next Treatment is 11 days away! *

The Sophie’s Shenanigans Sort of Hope

This morning as I got into my 1995 Volvo, I was remembering back to when we had our Jeep ( the whole decade), to when the autumn leaves from our giant maple tree would collect on it’s hood and it’s roof. The children, the dog and I would get in the car to go to school and Sophie (the dog) would go crazy. She would try to ‘catch’ the leaves as they flew up the hood and over the windshield. Sophie would jump and bark with reckless abandon from her esteemed perch in between the front and back seats at what we could only imagine she thought were little colorful evil warriors about to attack her humans from the cruel world outside the window of her family’s traveling machine. Together the kids and I would laugh and laugh. Sometimes we would even put extra leaves on the hood , just to get a longer performance from her.  Sophie went everywhere with us when we had that car. She can’t ride in my 1995 Volvo partly because it’s leather and partly because she is 12 now and after her knee surgery it’s getting harder and harder for her to get in and out of cars.

But after seeing my car bathed in all of the beautiful red leaves this morning, I am selfishly thinking of  maybe just one more autumn ride with her.

The Sort of Half of Hope


I hope you took the time to watch that. I’m sure most of you didn’t.

Sometimes I feel like my disease leaves me with only half of my former self. Only half of what I used to be able to do. Half of the mom I should be, the wife I should be, the friend I should be,even half of the human I should be. Then I read a post from a fellow RSD’er that reminded me that our disease holds one of the highest rates of suicide that there is among chronic illnesses and I am just thankful that I never felt quite that desperate, that alone or felt quite so mad at my condition. Sure, I get sad. Sure I get mad. {I get mad a lot!} Got mad at myself yesterday when I did something really stupid because of my disease (it hurt!).  I get mad when I lose my balance easily or drop things because I can’t hold them. I get mad because I can’t go to my kids things if it gets too cold or even too windy or too hot or if it’s going to be too noisy. I get really mad when I have to cancel dates with my friends.  And I get even madder that this disease has cost my family our life savings. “Stupid disease!” I get sad when I can’t eat the things that I used to love or wear the things that I used to treasure all because of this thing that has changed my nervous system and how my body functions until the day that a cure is found.  I’m sad because *that* half of me is gone. But if this new half is all I’ve got left to give, I’m going to fight to make damn sure it’s the best half I’ve got to offer. Fortunately for me, I get to do it surrounded by some of the best family and friends any single  person was ever blessed with, people who certainly don’t seem to mind the half that is left and usually they are enough to  make me feel pretty whole again.

RSD can be very isolating so sometimes I just need to remind myself of one of my favorite quotes. It never fails to make me get off my bum and get moving. Half or not.

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
–William Shedd

*Caption This*

It’s not even Halloween yet and already Mother Nature is decorating for Christmas! Every year the rush to be first just gets earlier and earlier…

Today I was driving home from the hospital after getting my port flushed and on my rather mundane journey I happened to notice this Santa Hat stuck in the brush alongside a back country road. So as to not go against my own rules and bust out my cell phone while driving, I turned around and pulled over to take this photo. I noticed the Hat must have been there for quite a while as it is covered in a bit of spider webbing.

Give me your best caption….