The winner of the rdpphoto Challenge – LINE ..
soon as I saw his name in the challenge I knew I was a gonner!
Carl is nothing if not a champ!

Geek Carl

MilnersBlog Winner of the 5th RPC Photography ChallengeYeeeaaahhh!!! …Thank you so much everyone for voting and all the great comments during the week, and most of all … for setting such a great challenge with the theme Lines.

Once again, thank you so much everyone 🙂

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I’m up against bloggers with hundreds and hundreds of followers. Feeling sort of handicapped ( no pun intended.) Also up against some incredibly talented photographers with some stellar LINE shots. Though I am realizing that these sorts of things may be more about popularity in the WP world… I do appreciate the votes. Thank you friends.


Hope Mj Distasio
is a new one also!
this is her daughter in an edit she did for the
365 Photo challenge

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thank you to my friend for pointing out that I missed a very important part. ❤


I struggled for days, weeks , with this next entry. Heck, I’m struggling as I type this. I am emotionally conflicted.

I’ve mentioned that my father, God love him, unbeknownst to me,  had gone ahead and organized another fundraiser for me. At first I flat out resisted. I’ll get to why in a minute.

The first few fundraisers were so successful. I made them last through countless treatments and countless trips/ appointments in Philadelphia, oodles of meds, covering all but 3 years. Sadly, though, my own series of unfortunate events, I have found myself right back where I started. I guess I should refresh everyone’s memory and say that I am currently suffering from RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy)  I am lucky enough to be treating in Philadelphia with the world’s leading specialist for RSD, Dr Robert Schwartzman. For the past 3 years I have been receiving IV Ketamine Therapy. I…

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Sunset over 419

419 is the home field for my son’s fall baseball travel team – Berkshire RedSox 18UImageShowcase

My daughter turned to me during the game that I was shooting and said ” mom, the best part of the night is happening right behind you!”

~ and she was right.