The Ever Evolving Sort of Hope

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
― William Arthur Ward

imagine my surprise!

Imagine my surprise when I finally had a moment to log on to my treasured blog and discover that I’ve not only reached 100 followers but have also been given the gift of 2 very lovely blog awards by 2 wonderful fellow bloggers!!!


The Leibster Award  from Anita’s Blog ~ Noted In Nashville –

Anita shares her music and makes me hungry when she shares her favorite foods. She is a singer and songwriter and also loves food ( did I mention that food part? 😀 )

and from another woman I read every chance I get,~ RARASAUR  came the ” Very Inspiring Blogger Award”  which she gave me for ” inspiring and encouraging the unexpected”  ( Which made me cry). This woman oozes writing talent and humor. I am honored beyond words. She is who I aspire my writing to be when my writing grows up.

When I get a whole uninterrupted minute and finish my chores, I plan on responding properly to these wonderful nominations. Thank you ladies for making this small town girl feel pretty darn big.

I only started blogging to hopefully raise some awareness about this thing called RSD. To maybe ease some of the pain of this dreadful disease and also to not feel quite as isolated. Getting 100 followers was something I never really thought about. I didn’t know if people would “get me” or understand my peculiar sense of humor. I didn’t think people would like to look at “one more photo that Hope posted”.  But you’ve all proved me wrong.

Who knows, maybe you don’t look at all the pics.. wait, we’ve had this conversation, haven’t we?~ “the sort of hope who knows you’re visual”

Anyway, I thank you for stopping by, for whatever reason.

And I thank you for continuing to inspire ME to go on.

“Unexpected” ~ that’s one word that has never been used when describing me before.

Guess that’s the ever evolving part. 😀 the musing of a frustrated, modern day, red headed housewife , ever evolving mamarazzi of two teen athletes.



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