The Thanks and Giving Sort of Hope

“Nothing says loving like something from the oven. ” ~ How many of us have some love waiting to fly out of our ovens right now?  For that, I am thankful. For the oven, for the electricity, for the family to eat the food and for the food itself.

Wanted to take a moment to express some gratitude to my new found blog friends on this holiday all about Thanks… and giving.

I can’t believe it’s only been about 12 weeks for me since the discovery of this word press world. I am truly grateful for the warm reception. You all have exceeded my expectations of this thing called blogging.  I have discovered some incredible talents around the globe as well, making it even more enjoyable for this gal to rise and shine every morning, and for that, I am also quite thankful. For your continued giving of yourselves, we others are so blessed.

I have had such a wonderful week. I am now officially under one week until my next treatment. So very thankful to all of those who have helped distract me to this point.

I did an incredibly fun photo shoot with my very talented friend Kevin Brett from Soul Imagery. Can’t wait to see the results. Went so far out of my comfort zone. Ditched my stuffy conservative self and even donned some tiger striped spandex and crawled into an antique claw foot cast iron tub! Many thanks to my uber talented big sister Holly James for transforming me from plain jane to something else. ( not sure what?) Very thankful for people like Kevin and my sister who share their talents with me. Willingly.

My oldest has passed his driver’s license test and is now driving on his own. His first trip sans adult driver was a trip to the not so local McDonalds with his sister. Watching your older most prized possession drive your younger most prized possession out of your driveway is a very surreal experience. Watching them drive back in, however, is one of the best feelings in the world. I am thankful for their safety. I will continue this thankfulness every day for the rest of my life.

I saw an incredible sunset this week while I waiting to pick Natalia up from Cheer practice. I am very thankful that I can still see. That there are still sunsets and that I can still take pictures. ( even though this was only a cell photo.) I am thankful for colors so beautiful that it is impossible to miss their glory. I am thankful for things like smart phones that keep me in touch with my friends and family and allow me to take pictures on the fly. What would I do if I couldn’t take pictures 24×7? Or text!

I am thankful for things like cappuccinos, and hugs and kisses, and baseball games and gymnastics and cheer. And children with talents. For children’s laughter and for smiles that light up a room.

I am thankful that I can still get out of bed by myself every day. For whatever amount of time is possible, it sure beats being stuck there all day. And for the days that I am stuck there, I am grateful for really soft sheets and pillows that don’t hurt my ears.

I am thankful that when I told my children to clean out their closets and their drawers because the people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy lost everything and needed clothes, that my children didn’t miss a beat. I am thankful that they understand Giving. Many teenagers these days simply don’t .

We have had a tradition of “Giving” on Thanksgiving since my children were little. I always made them pick a few toys that they were willing to part with for the Children’s Home or another charity. I always wanted them to understand how to be Thankful for what they did have.

I am thankful for so very many things – friends, family, LOVE, patience and understanding, but I promised myself this wouldn’t become “one of those” blogs.. and I fear it’s starting to become that.

Happy Thanks and Giving my online friends.

~ Remember  ” There is always, always something to be thankful for” ~ I think that’s an Annon. It’s a long time fav. ❤

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