The HDR’ed Sort of Hope

*9 Days until my next treatment!*

My Philly Freedom is rapidly approaching!!

The last 2 weeks before treatment are truly the most difficult. The anticipation of knowing that relief is only mere moments away. That soon, very soon the muscle spasms will settle down again, the pain will go from off the charts to manageable, noises will no longer send me reeling, I won’t be unbearable to live with any more and I can start contributing to the world again. 9 more days. RSD really is a monster. But I consider myself one of the lucky ones. At least I get some relief for a small period of time. It’s better than none, ever.

Anyway, after that shoot with my daughter it became all too apparent to me that my lenses really do need a good cleaning.

Shooting on a dusty, sandy, dirty baseball field eventually does catch up with you, it would seem.

Now to find a period of time that I am willing to part with my lenses. Isn’t that like sending back an appendage? A part of yourself? And who do you trust to clean your babies?

And what would I do if I didn’t have a camera? That’s the way I settle myself down. Calm my nerves, distract my disease…

Where do YOU send your lenses to be cleaned/ cared for?

I  got to get out a few days ago, then I played with some HDR.


This song (below) is stuck in my head. When I get a song stuck in my head I go to this website below and find another more annoying one to get stuck there. Now you can too! ( you can thank me later!)

PS- It’s soon time for me to start collecting new POWER SONGS for me to fill my iPod with before my treatment. Start thinking of your favorites!

Get Rid of That Song

4 thoughts on “The HDR’ed Sort of Hope

  1. I just looked up the lyrics. Did you know he’s saying, “child’s shadow stretched out and”? All this time I’ve been singing, “schtraw, stradat, straw, straw, dow.” Good luck with your treatment. I hope you feel huge relief.

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