The Royal Feeling Sort of Hope

Mother Nature laid out her red carpet for me today!  I felt so very lucky. So very fancy, so royal as I climbed the stairs into my own home.

I couldn’t really find a photo of me looking “red carpet ready”. It’s not really a common look for this “stay at home” mom. Red Carpet Ready doesn’t really work at baseball games or gymnastic competitions. It also gets you looked at sort of oddly in the grocery store.  Though I feel like a shot like that would’ve totally made this post complete. Had I had more energy, I would’ve thrown on a gown and whipped one up. (Because I totally have red carpet ready gowns  laying around waiting to be worn.)

However, a few months ago, I did my very first  test like “photo session” on the other side of the lens, (after a 20 plus year hiatus from that side) with a man I met through a photography group. These pics were from that session-closest thing I could find to me being  ‘red carpet ready’ under such short notice~ without actually staging such a look. I certainly felt close to Red Carpet Ready that day. Wonder if Mother Nature will still give me an Oscar?

Sadly, I fear all too soon her Royal Red Carpet will be replaced by a giant fluffy blanket of fresh white snow. And Red Carpet Ready or not, I know I’m not ready for * that* just yet.

5 thoughts on “The Royal Feeling Sort of Hope

    • I have a few friends who actually love that white “stuff”. I don’t mind looking at …. from a far. In a warm place.
      I’ve got lots of fall pics on here. I just can’t remember in what blog post I’ve got them. The mind…. UGH.
      LOVE your blog. thanks for stopping by!

  1. Red leaves are very cool. There’s an ancient ritual feel to those stairs and the leaves are almost mystical… and on your own doorstep.
    I also like your little photo shoot on that industrial set. Peter

  2. You are gorgeous! I hope you do a little more in front of the camera in the future as well as the behind-the-camera work you are doing! I always love to see what my online friends look like. I don’t photograph well, which always makes me wish I was more favored by the camera!

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