The Sort of Hope Who Knows You’re Visual

When it comes to my kids, I know that if they could get out of reading  by watching something or looking at the pictures, I know they would skip the read and chose the visual in a heartbeat. They don’t share my love of reading. I know that it’s more in human nature to look at pictures than it is to read. Especially men. Men are supposedly more visual. Or wait, don’t you men try to have us believe the opposite sometimes ? “I was just reading the articles, I swear?”  (~ c’mon , you *know* what I mean…)

The cold is sometimes challenging for me.  Rapid change in weather shifts wreak havoc on my system. I haven’t been able to get out much lately and do any new shooting, but I don’t want my new blog world friends to forget that I am actually an aspiring photographer, too. Not just a sick person. So… here are some of my older favorites that I have liked along the way.

I don’t want you to get bored with me just yet. Though I haven’t started participating in any weekly challenges just yet, I was in a photography group on Facebook for a while that I just loved. That group ran similar challenges. Some of these are shots from those challenges. It was the first actual work I did as a non-sports photographer. (other than the constant photography of my own daughter.)

And finally, I’m no Phil Lanoue,( but I did have just one awesome chance meeting with a very hungry red-tailed hawk last year at a final fall Berkshire game of Nick’s.

Thanks for reading, or even just looking at the pictures.  😉

8 thoughts on “The Sort of Hope Who Knows You’re Visual

  1. Wow Hope I appreciate you referencing me in terms of bird photography, that’s extremely nice of you.
    You do indeed have many outstanding images and the enjoyment you get from taking photos shines through.

    • Mr Lanoue- You know I love what you do!! I would never have your patience. I’m not nice, I’m honest! and thank you. ?Outstanding? you are too generous. I hope you can see my enjoyment, I love what I do. 😀

  2. I admit it, I’m more visual. I do read but in our time poor world a photograph or art work can grab me in an instant. Your rusty tarantulas did it for me. Great shot. I’m a fan of industrial cool stuff. I haven’t commented on all your posts but I’m reading them all. Thanks. Peter

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