The Sort of Hope Who Does Not Like Hurricanes ( specifically Sandy)

This is my son Nick. He is in Jupiter Florida right now playing for The PG NY Clippers at something called The Perfect Game. He was chosen to go because someone believes he is talented enough to be there with the best of the best. We are so grateful for this opportunity for him. It has been a dream of his to play baseball in Florida for as long as I can remember. It was never, however, part of his dream to drive 30 hours to arrive at his dream only to be greeted by a hurricane. Hurricane Sandy.

As happy and as proud of my son as I was for being selected to play in this tournament, that’s as sad as I am for him right now.  Imagine driving all that distance to have your dreams literally blown away. But I know that Nick is strong. And I know that he is brave and he is a fighter and he will make it through this.   My heart is there with him even though my physical self can’t be.

He will make this a learning experience and emerge victorious. He has played travel baseball away from home before but never quite this far away. And certainly never under conditions quite like this, stuck in a hotel most of the time, being so close to what you want to do most in the world but not quite being able to do it. And all you can do is lay in a bed and look at your uniform hung carefully ( I hope) just waiting to be worn and dream.

**As I go to post this I have found out that his team got the opportunity to play one game so far. They are playing in less than ideal conditions. 50 mile an hour winds and rain with oft time downpours. Nick got a chance to throw to 4 batters. He had 3 first pitch strikes. Topped the radar at 87mph. 1 K , 2bb,1 hit then the game was called.  Which makes this mom pretty darn proud of her 16 year old. I sure hope he is proud of himself. His first tournament of this caliber under conditions like that- I’d say you are living your dream, son! (But if I know my boy, it wasn’t good enough for him, because he knows he can do better).

Can’t wait to get the next scouting report. Weather permitting. This will make such a good story for his son ( or daughter) some day.

3 thoughts on “The Sort of Hope Who Does Not Like Hurricanes ( specifically Sandy)

  1. Hopie,
    Whether he gets to play another day in Florida, or he doesn’t–I know that he’s made on those that be, because that is the “man” that you raised him to be.So be proud and loud for this son of yours. He’s deserved it…and so have you. xo sus

  2. I’m glad you’re one of “those moms” – you know, the kind that are damned proud of their sons! Whether Nick gets to be on the field in Florida again this round or not, He’s made his mark on the ‘powers that be.’ He has right to be proud, as he stared down a hurricane (that he’s not been accustomed to,) and continued to the field, and did the best job he could in spite of the winds. He succeeded in doing what very few 16yr olds would/could do. He pitched through the winds and rain, and still managed to show the talent he posesses, despite the storm.

    So be proud and loud for this son of yours, Hope! I know I am, and he’s not even my son. I’m glad he’s got “that” type of mom – one that yells it from the rooftops that she’s not only proud of her son – but she loves him and shows it in everything she does.

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