The Compassionate Sort of Hope

Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.  ~Jesse Jackson                                                    As someone who , due to circumstances beyond her own control, has had to be on the receiving end of the giving, I know all too well that life doesn’t always go the way you intend it to. So when October dealt us a snow storm last year, and left our organization with quite a bit of leftover concessions, I offered up the suggestion to donate the goods to a local shelter. As a board member of our local visitors bureau, our  President took that suggestion one step further. I baked cookies, took a giant caraffe of coffee for our table of visitors, signed my daughter out of  school, grabbed our smiles and off we went. The end result was nothing short of the best Christmas gift I have ever received!  I can’t wait to be a part of it again this Christmas.  These photos are from last year’s Cups of Compassion. (again, I didn’t know a whole lot about how to use my Nikon back then.)  If you are ever feeling bad about your lot in life, all you need to hear is someone ask if they may have a slimjim to take home to give to their daughter for her Christmas present. It brings a whole new perspective to your situation.  I wish more of the world would be grateful with what they had and less worried about what the Jones’ were doing…

4 thoughts on “The Compassionate Sort of Hope

    • It truly was. We were the only ones serving meat ( eww) other orgs. were serving soups so as you can imagine our line was quite popular. Even though this event was downtown I was very impressed with crowd. No shoving, no littering, no cursing. I can’t stress enough how heartwarming it was.

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