The Busy Sort of Hope

~Couldn’t wait to be able to photograph my daughter and her friends cheering in the daylight… but instead got home and  learned a very valuable lesson~ will come in handy in the future, so remember it,  *especially* should you ever wish to become a skydiver or a professional bungee jumper, or anything , really… ‘always, always, check your equipment before you use it!’

That being said, I had such an incredible weekend. Sold soup to save the boobies on Saturday. Watched our team play in their second to last tournament of the season.  Brought home silver. Lost a 9 game winning streak.   Was on the go from pre-dawn hours to post- sunset non stop both Saturday and Sunday.

Today I worked on perfecting the art of recliner sitting. Recovery day for me. I can remember my doctor telling my husband that if he needed me to do something I would need about 3 days to rest up before the something and about 3 days to recoup after the something. I can’t remember a time that I had 3 days of nothing. Except the last coma treatment that I had. Dr S calls my coma treatments forced relaxation for me.

I’ll relax. I swear. As soon as my kids do.

Here’s a little peak at my weekend. – most of the baseball shots are through a fence. certainly does change the look, doesn’t it-            darn fences. )

{ **Incidentally PHOTOGRAPHER FRIENDS **– I am shopping for a photo hosting site … suggestions??}

4 thoughts on “The Busy Sort of Hope

    • While your compliments mean THE WORLD to me… I was so bummed with these. some how I got bumped out of RAW and back into jpegs so when I went to upload I was so disappointed.

      Perhaps I should just say “Thank you” and stop babbling.
      Thank you Mr Lanoue. 😀

      • What size jpegs did you end up? If they were the largest size your camera can take they would most likely be fine.
        Would you believe me if I told you I shoot virtually all of my wildlife photos as jpegs?!
        Sometimes I tell other photographers that I don’t generally bother with RAW and they look at me like I just confessed to being a serial killer. 😯
        In my view… for probably 98% of what most people end up really doing with their images, jpegs are just fine.
        But in any case be sure to have fun out there! 😀

      • they were small/ fine jpegs. and IDK if you read the ordeal I have to go through to process images or not but for some reason, I can’t even crop jpegs in photoshop… Oh to have 1 computer that I can do everything on… but it’s ok. Don’t all artists have to suffer ? ( or something like that ) I appreciate your feedback.

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