Humidity Hair Hope

Went to my daughter’s first High School Cheerleading event ( match? game? debut? idk…) tonight. So proud of her.

I posted on facebook about a week ago that I went to bed one night just an ordinary gal and woke up the next morning the mom of 2 high school kids and I have no idea how that happened.  I swear she just started “dancing” the other day at age 4 only to be told that she would never be a prima ballerina… Good thing too, because she’s become one heck of a tumbler.

Natalia is cheering for high school soccer right now. Took about a bajillion pics. Will upload tomorrow.

Came home with hair that could only be described as Monica’s from Barbados.. You know, the episode of Friends where everyone goes to Barbados… I’ll leave you with that vision.

( if you don’t remember that one, youtube it.)

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