The working sort of Hope

When I decided I was feeling “well enough” to attempt to return to work, a dear friend who is salon owner afforded me the opportunity to test the waters by working very very part time as a receptionist for her Salon. She has been a true gem about working with my limitations. I love my job. I get to get dressed and hang out with grown ups. It’s not too stressful and I get to try to make people smile. I get to see people made beautiful by the talented people who work in our salon and I get to see how excited and happy it makes them feel when the staff is finished working their magic. It’s such a great feeling even though I had little to nothing to do with it. I admit working there is sometimes difficult.. it’s loud in our salon. Dryers are noisy. Phones ring constantly. But working in a salon sure does have it’s perks.  I get to “look good” even when I don’t “feel good”. My nails are almost always painted ( red. always a shade of red.) and that includes my toes. My hair is coiffed 99.9 % of the time.  I’m one of “those women” who pretty much never leaves the house without ‘being polished’.

I get dressed for me. I get dressed to make myself feel better. I’ve found that the worse I look each day, the worse I tend to feel. Conversely, the better I look, sometimes the better it makes me feel. Plus, I will admit, I am very vain. ( ask my best friend, she loves to tease me about this.)

Just got myself some new for fall red hair. My sister Holly is quite talented. Feel so lucky to have her. Even luckier that I get to work with her even though it’s on that very very part time basis. She works in the salon with me. Working in a salon and having a sister who performs miracles on me is a huge money saver for me.

I’m really spoiled, though.  I barely know how to get ready for special functions without the assistance of my sister! I will, however, tell you that I’ve had 2 professional manicures in my life (for my wedding and for my dear friend Sherry’s) and never ever have I had a pedicure.  My daughter seems to be holding the market on “pampering thyself ” in this family, which is fine with me, I suppose. Someone else can try to support her habits some day.

Being at the desk enables me to see everything when it comes in. I get to check out all the new polishes too! I am currently addicted to Big Apple Red from OPI even though it’s an older shade. I’ve got a cabinet full of OPI reds- plus one Chanel red. (it was a gift- Red Passion #5.) One of my dream jobs is to be the person who names the polishes for OPI.

Right now I am enamored of the Americana Collection- they’ve got a brilliant shade of red called “Hussy”. I just want to tell people I’m wearing “Hussy”.

It’s my hope to be able to return to a more part time position some day. For now , I’ll just keep enjoying my little salon job with my big sister.

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